I want to talk about life.I believe that whatever we have done in life it is not an easy.We do know how to get improvement in education and in our manners and character and even we get that improvement and we forget all about our miseries and we jump into the vast field of life and try to face every problem but when your surroundings and the people who are very close to you like your family members hurt you and try to make your life hell and try you to think that you are wrong and they are right then i believe that there is not a single nothing that help us in that time.I believe that relationships are nothing.People do not care about how you feel and thought and how much that your suffering and not even your family members care about it .I believe that if a person have some problems with his brain, with his emotions and he do not have such capabilities which he think every person have in this whole world then life become hard and a joke for him.I believe that your and your soul is the only thing that suffered a lot when you do have some inabilities and even wrong mind set.What should a person do if he have come to know that the path he chose is wrong.What can a person do when he have come to know that he do not have control on his heart and mind and he can not go on the right way until people push him to that right direction, to that right way.What a person can do when he know that he have to fulfil his responsibilities and he do not even want to do a little bit work.Where should he go with such a heart and mind.How he can hide himself from himself.